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Agrigrub : The UK's Largest Calci Worm Farm

Climate & Food - Why we do what we do

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Food is a huge contributor to climate change

AgriGrub’s mission is to eliminate the emissions from food production

We feed our grubs on food from supermarket supply chains that would have otherwise gone to waste: avoiding waste going to landfill and anaerobic digestion and producing a methane, a potent greenhouse gas

The grubs’ manure is a novel organic fertiliser which repels pests, reducing the need for synthetic, carbon-intensive fertilisers which pollute our rivers. The manure also sequesters carbon back into soil, where it is needed most for sustainable food production

Feeding the grubs to livestock reduces the use of unsustainable protein sources, like soya, which is a leading cause of rainforest deforestation

AgriGrub reduced the UK’s CO2 emissions by over 800 tonnes last year

AgriGrub's Impact

  by 2022  2023  by 2030
 Food diverted from Waste in tns  540  1270 85,000 
 Carbon saved in tns (CO2 equivalent)  646  873 102,000
 Carbon sequestered in tns  41  55 5,865
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Wriggling Grubs means happy animals

Photo by Zosia Szopka on Unsplash

Our Calci Worms are the best natural protein source for all sorts of animals

For poultry, the wiggly grubs encourage scratching and foraging behaviour, and has shown to increase activity and decrease feather-pecking

In reptiles and other zoo animals, live and active grubs are essential for natural hunting behaviour

Grubs are available in two different sizes to suit different sized animals

Number One in Nutrition

Our Calci Worms are 35% protein and have higher calcium than any other feeder insect, promoting growth and egg production

Just a 10% inclusion in poultry diets gives 10% bigger eggs, 20% yellower yolks, higher feed conversion ratio and a longer laying lifetime

Calci Worms have high levels of lauric acid and calcium helping prevent diseases including Metabolic Bone Disease in reptiles, as well as being essential for breeding females

Safe and delicious for all insectivores, including hedgehogs. Unlike other feeder insects, no gut loading or nutrient dusting's required and they are easy to keep

Photo by Pierre Bamin on Unsplash



Safe and nutritious for all insectivores, and ready to feed: No dusting or gut loading required

BSFL is a sustainable, highly nutritious feed which supports higher welfare chicken raising.

Reptiles and amphibians thrive on BSFL. With a wide nutritional profile they are a great insect to feed. Being particularly rich in calcium supports essential health needs for their skin, bone and muscle health.

Hedgehogs adore BSFL larvae, and they can be fed safely as they are low in phosphorous


Puffed or dried larvae are an excellent source of nutrition for wild birds, garden amphibians and hedgehogs.

With many of the benefits of live larvae, such as an excellent source of calcium, these treats are a delight for garden visitors and can support them with a highly nutritious diet throughout the year.


A great replacement for unsustainable soy protein in fish feed and pet food. BSFL protein offers a range of micro and macro-nutrients in addition to its use as a protein source.

BSFL insect meal nutritional profile can support a range of the health benefits experienced from feeding live larvae. These benefits can support decreased use of fishmeal in fish food production.


Certified as an input for organic growing

A well balanced N-P-K, slow release fertiliser with additional micro-nutrient profile to support the soil biome and plant health. Bee friendly! Good for all pollinators and beneficial insects

High carbon content for sequestration supporting soil regeneration

No leaching and run-off safeguards local water courses or waterways and keeps the fertiliser nutrition to where it is applied

BSF frass is non-allergenic and safe to use in gardens as well as in agriculture and horticulture


  • Postage

    Live Larvae are dispatched by business courier on a next day fragile delivery service to arrive at your business in the best condition on Tuesday-Thursday. To avoid larvae being in packaging for any longer than a day we do not courier larvae to arrive on a Friday in case of courier.  Postage and packing is passed through at cost and can vary slightly with each order size.

    For all other products we use a wider range of couriered delivery options, pallet shipping, or individual delivery arrangements. Postage and packaging are passed through at cost for all products.

  • Consultancy Services

    AgriGrub offers advice, consultancy and IP licencing to UK waste producers and UK BSF producers looking to get into growing larvae on organic waste, or to help existing insect production facilities to be able to handle diverse waste streams

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