Large Live Calci worms

Large Live Calci worms

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Buy bulk Calci worms direct from the producer, AgriGrub Ltd, the only UK-based grower of Calci worms.

Our Calci worms are the best on the market because they are bigger, and have more fats, lauric acid and carotenoids - making them the best choice.

Large Calci worms average at 20mm long and are sold in multiples of 23g packs.

1 pack = 23g = 165 Calci worms
3 packs = 70g = 500 Calci worms
6 packs = 140g = 1000 Calci worms


Cheaper bulk Calci worms can't be found anywhere else.

Calci worms are the latest live feed taking the reptile world by storm, with their high calcium content (23 to 61 times other insects) reportedly reversing metabolic bones disease, increasing clutch sizes and increasing growth rates by up to 30%!


Kept at room temperature in an open container Calci worms should last for about three weeks. All you may need to add is a little water to keep them from drying out. Calci worms need not be gut loaded or dusted like mealworms as they already have a well rounded nutritional profile which makes them a good staple for your pet or wild bird without the need for additives.

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They will be packed into plastic tubs mixed with coco peat.
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