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Frass is a completely natural product from Black Soldier Fly Larvae and works both as a fantastic organic fertiliser and as a natural biorepellent. This means it boosts plant growth and deters pest damage - a perfect superfood for your plant. 

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Frass is made of the skin casings and droppings from our larvae, which we then sterilise and refine it into the easy to use powder we sell. Because we only feed our larvae on food waste, it is also a completely sustainable product - unlike other carbon-intensive organic or petrochemical options which cause environmental degradation and pollution. Our frass is the right choice not only for your plant, but also for the planet.  

Fertilising plants and boosting growth

Frass has every nutritional component a plant needs for healthy growth and is rich in carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  Frass is uniquely good at fertlising plants in the long term due to its chemical breakdown:

The skin casings in frass are made from chitin (14% of frass by weight), which is rich in nitrogen, phosphate and potassium - all key for growing plants. As they bind within chitin,  nutrients are slowly released - not washed away by rain. 

Chitin breaks down in the soil forming chitosan, which in turn binds micronutrients like iron and calcium - making them plant accessible.  Chitin breakdown also fertilises soil bacteria, resulting in unprecedented increases in both carbon and nitrogen mineralisation and the nutrient availability for uptake by crops. 

All natural biorepellent - keeping pests at bay

Frass has been shown to have almost completely deterred pest damage of crop plants. Frass acts as a deterrent for plant-eating insects while still supporting key pollinators, like bees and butterflies. As chitin is also commonly found in insects, plants mistake frass chitin for a warning of imminent insect attack. This acts much like a vaccination, up-regulating plant defence mechanisms through systemic induced resistance and releasing chitinases to break down this chitin. Results of inducing these defence mechanisms vary species to species but include bushier growth and thicker leaves, and strong, early blooming and fruiting. 

These same mechanisms give frass effectiveness in reducing not just insect herbivory but also disease, as chitin is also present in a number of fungal pathogens including blights, rusts and mildews. 

Because frass does nothing but fertilise and boost the natural immune system of your plant, it is both organic and completely natural.  We believe that you do not need artificial pesticides - your plant already has everything it needs, all we do is give it a shove in the right direction.