Calcium is essential for birds for survival, laying eggs and breeding healthy chicks.


animal bird s nest birds 36430Birds, especially wild birds, need calcium in their diet to live. However, due to a number of ongoing factors, it is getting harder and harder for them to find enough calcium in their normal diets. Increased urbanisation has reduced the available land to forage in, pesticide use in modern agriculture has reduced their feedstock and changing weather and climate patterns mean winters are longer and harsher and they need all the help they can get. When birds don't get enough calcium, not only are impacted by increased vulnerability to disease and bone breakages but also because it also means they are not able to lay enough eggs or successfully raise their young, it becomes a problem down generations. 

Luckily not all hope is lost. Black Soldier Fly Larvae, or as we like to call them 
Calci Worms are packed with not only protein but also loads of calcium -exactly what a wild bird wants.

Why choose Calci Worms?

Calci Worms not only loads of protein but also have
55 times more calcium than mealworms.
All this amazing calcium has a number of benefits for wild birds:

  • Increases adult bone strength. This is really important, especially for winter survival rates - it means that they are far less likely to suffer bone breakages which often lead to fatality.
  • Increases number of eggs laid in a nest. This is true for a wide variety of native birds but in particular woodpeckers, tits and wrens.
  • Increases the strength of eggshells. This provides added protection for the developing chick from disease. It also helps promote healthy hatching and sturdy and rapid bone growth. 

The amount of calcium in the seeds and insects of the natural diet of many birds is inadequate for the production of eggs, so birds seek out calcium-rich foods. Calci Worms are therefore perfect for attracting a wide range of birds to your garden.

Why choose OUR Calci Worms?

With our environmental optimisations, our larvae are larger, have higher fat content and are richer in carotenoid pigments. These are all things that will appeal to your local birds, making our Calci Worms the obvious choice. 
Calci worms are a wild bird superfood, perfect for giving a boost during the winter months to your local feathery friends. While being high in protein and fat like other live feeds, Calci worms are unique in their incredibly high calcium levels, which is exactly what your garden birds need and want.
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