Bird Health

Calcium is essential for birds for survival, laying eggs and breeding healthy chicks.

However, sources of calcium in the wild have been detrimentally affected by air pollution and changing agricultural practices. This is where Black Soldier Fly larvae, known as Calci worms, the most calcium-rich insect food on the market, helps in a way that other bird foods cannot.

Benefits of providing extra calcium for wild birds:
Stronger adult bird bone growth which makes them hardier and increases chances of survival - especially in winter months. Calcium makes up more than a third of the total mineral content of the average bird. Calcium deficiency makes wild birds vulnerable to disease and bone breakages and increases the take-up of toxic metal pollutants, like lead and cadmium, which cause illness and reduced survival down generations.

Increases the average number of eggs laid in a nest for a wide number of native birds, especially woodpeckers, tits and wrens.
Increases the strength of egg shells which gives the chicks extra protection from disease, increases the chances of healthy hatching and allows for quick and sturdy bone growth. Studies have shown this in swallows, flycatchers and numerous waterfowl.

The amount of calcium in the seeds and insects of the natural diet of many birds is inadequate for the production of eggs, so birds seek calcium-rich foods. Calci worms are therefore perfect for attracting a wide range of birds to your garden.

Calci worms are a wild bird superfood, perfect for giving a boost during the winter months to your local feathery friends. While being high in protein and fat like other live feeds, Calci worms are unique in their incredibly high calcium levels, which is exactly what your garden birds need and want.