Healthy Mealworm Alternative

Although it is very common practice, feeding hedgehogs mealworms - especially in excess is actually harmful. Mealworms contain a lot of potassium, but very little calcium, so when the hedgehogs eat them in order to counteract all this potassium their body leeches calcium out of their bones. This doesn't do them any good in the long run for obvious reasons causing metabolic bone disease and reducing survival rates. 


It is doubtless that hedgehogs love to eat mealworms, but luckily there is a much healthier snack that they enjoy all as much - Calci Worms. 

Calci Worms have 55 times more calcium in them than mealworms, meaning that that the calcium and phosphate levels are at a healthy balance. So they are perfectly safe for hedgehogs to eat as many as they want, but also they are actually really good for them too! They are packed with fat and protein, so are perfect for a hedgehog stocking up for the winter. 

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