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Calcium is a key dietary component for all amphibians, and Calci worms will meet all their calcium needs without the need for additional costly supplements.  This expert recommended live food has everything an amphibian needs, fights off infection and supports the healthy growth of your amphibious friend.

Naturally Calcium Rich
Calci worms have 27 to 75 times more calcium than other common feeder insects. Importantly though they are unique in their naturally balanced calcium and phosphorus in a ratio of 1.75:1. This balance makes them both nutritious and safe - perfect as a staple diet. Baby amphibians fed on Calci worms have been 30% larger than their clutch mates in a matter of weeks. Breeders have also noted more vibrant colouring and higher activity levels.

Calcium is also key in adults, especially in bone and tooth growth, and heart health. A calcium-rich diet can help prevent Metabolic Bone Disease and premature reptile and amphibian death.

Calci worms also work like any other live feed, providing protein and fat needed for healthy growth. Because they are live they also provide your pet with the mental stimulation that comes from tapping into their natural hunting instincts. In addition to this, 53% of the fat in Calci worms is beneficial lauric acid. Lauric acid is an excellent antimicrobial, especially against coccidiosis - a sometimes fatal infection.